Side Dump Trailer – Side Dump Industries




1. SDI has a 50 degree dump angle.. Best in the industry

2. Designed with low maintenance in mind. Synthetic grease, Bolted parts, Replaceable Kingpins. Allows maintenance without cutting and or welding.

3. Smother ride than any other side dump. Ridewell air suspension and Ridelite suspension..Lighter and stronger than the competition.

4. Most stable side dump on the market. SDI has the lowest center of gravity the widest footprint and the most powerful single stage cylinders.

5. Longest lasting tub on the market. Constructed of Domex 100XF steel. Strongest most mallable steel available.

6. Markets strongest frame . Web and flanges are made of grade 100 grade steel.

7. No side dump trailer dumps farther. SDI has 25 inches tire to edge of tub.

8. Only trailer to eliminate forward & backward shifting. SDI has the first and only self centering tub design that sets between the frame rails.

9. No standard side dump tire is wider or stronger. The Dunlop Sp348 steer tire 1-1/4 wider tread and has increased curb and sidewall protection to resist punctures and stone ejectors.

10. Trailers are equipped with a custom wiring harnesses, LED lights, urethane paint finishes and will custom built trailers to meet your needs.

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