Cramaro Tarp – Phoenix Service & Installation

The Cramaro Flip N Go is the best choice in a flip-arm tarping system, offering several options to meet specific needs. Superstition Truck and Trailers has Cramaro Tarps in stock and ready for installation. Call 602-415-0222 for questions and to set up an installation.

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  • Covers and uncovers in seconds
  • Safe, one-hand ground-level crank or electric motor
  • Choice of tarp material
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Strongest arms available, covering trailers up to 50′
  • One year factory warranty


  • Electric
    • Compact and quiet 0.8 HP drive motor with cover for trailers up to 30′.  1.8 HP motor for trailers 31′ – 50′.
    • Cab operated
    • Heavy duty solenoid/relay and rocker switch.
    • Heavy duty gearing for reliability and longevity
    • One year warranty on motors
    • Wireless remote control option
  • Manual
    • Safe, fast and easy one-hand operation.  Crank to uncover, release brake lever to cover.
    • Adjustable length ground control crank box.
    • Enclosed chain drive for safety.
    • Safety locking system.
    • Heavy duty and low maintenance components
    • Extended handle assembly available for tall trailers


  • Strongest in the industry.
  • Heavy duty diamond shaped aluminum extrusion.
  • No wear pivot hubs with grease fitting.
  • Easy to install telescoping arms.
  • Great appearance — no painting or rust problems.
  • Fits up to 50′ trailer.


  • Torsion/Arm Pivot
    • Different sizes available
    • No double spring set. No mini tension arms.
    • Smooth, consistent operation and pressure.
    • Easy replaceable separately from arms.
  • Underbody Quick Mount
    • Low profile.
    • Hidden from loader.
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Tension is adjustable.

Standard Front Shield

  • Aluminum two-piece adjustable width design.
  • Saves weight.
  • Designed for trucks with cab shields and square front trailers.


  • Double reinforced pocket and edges folded over with seatbelt reinforcement for long life.
  • Double lockstitched.
  • Many available color choices.
  • Elastic tabs with grommets for positive alignment and pivoting flexibility at rear corners of tarp.
  • Mesh tarps vinyl coated for durability.
  • Vinyl tarp made from 18oz premium material. 22oz available.
  • Asphalt tarps have no seals, made from one piece construction.
  • Vinyl tarps are available with drop sides and tail flap.
  • Optional vinyl tarp hold-downs.


Cable Tarp Systems

Cramaro originated cable tarp systems and remains the leading produce of these tarping products today.  Cable systems provide the benefit of having a tarp system with bows but not having to remove the bows when loading or unloading. As the system operates the bows automatically move forward and backward in pockets sewn into the tarp.

Slide N Go

slide n go

The Cramaro Slide No Go tarp system is perfect for end dump and belly dump trailers trailers, hauling sand, dirt, gravel, asphalt or similar material.  These Cramaro tarps cover and uncover in seconds, by manual control or optional electric drive.  Learn more about the Cramaro Slide N Go tarp.



The Cramaro Mentor tarp system is designed for creating water-proof protection on a trailer.  The water-resistant cable system has six inch drop sides to keep water out.


Flatbed Tarp Systems

Tarp All

The Cramaro Tarp All system is the easiest, quickest way to tarp flatbed trailer loads.  It only takes a single operator a few minutes to simply push the tarp forward or backward while standing on the ground.



The Cramaro Curtainsider tarping system features a hard roof and dry van style rear doors.  It is easily operated via a front tension mechanism.


Flip Tarp Systems

Cramaro flip tarp systems operate with front-to-back pivoting arms.  They provide the flexibility needed to cover heaped loads.  They are easy to operate and mantain.


Flip N Go

flip n go

The Cramaro Flip N Go is the system Midco Sales installs most often.  It can be fitted to trailers and truck bodies from 10 feet to 50 feet long and offers several options to configure it to specific needs.  It can be operated by a hand crank or by the more popular electric cab-controlled drive.


Flip N Go Econo

flip n go econo

The Cramaro Flip N Go Econo in an aluminum tarp system designed for truck bodies and trailers up to 28 feet long.  This tarp system is lighter and less expensive than the Flip N Go system.  It is available in manual or electrically operated versions.


SRG Flip System


The Cramaro SRG Flip system utilized steel tubing for the arms and crossbars.  It cna be configured for trucks and trailers up to 20 feet in length.


Side Roll Tarp Systems

Side Roll System

The Cramaro Side Roll tarp system is waterproof and easy to operate by one person on the ground via an elongated handle.  Ratchets and straps are used to offer a more secure load.


Loc Rite

The Cramaro Loc Rite tarp is an easier side roll system that uses a roller and requires no ratches or locks.


Wrap N Roll

The Cramaro Wrap N Roll tarp system for side dump trailers features all aluminum components, putting less wear on the electric motor.  It can be retrofitted for unloading from either side of the trailer.